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The Pure-Pumper has been a lifesaver! The 18v clip in batteries are awesome. No more hassle with burnt out fuses or messy wires. The Pure Pumper can be moved with ease, the no flat tires are great, and the unit is durable. The water pressure from the hoses is slower forcing the athlete to actually drink the water! This means less water wasted and very few refills. Add the Kozy cover and even on the warmest days the water stays cold! Athletic Trainers are busy enough at practice to have to worry about keeping the water filled and cool. Let the Pure-Pumper do that” You can’t beat this hydration unit. Athletic Trainer approved!

Iowa Western Athletic Training

City, State

We decided to purchase 2 of the pumpers before the start of our fall seasons to replace 4 smaller electric units that we had that were needing more “upgrades” than it was worth.  We could not have been happier with our decision!  The pumpers were great!  They are simple to charge with the ability to remove the batteries; they were easy to maneuver all over the field where they were needed; and we did not have to continuously refill since the low flow technology saved so much water and was not wasted on the ground due to over spraying.  We also picked up the optional thermal covers and these kept the water cold throughout a full 2-3 hour practice or a 3-4 hour game.

Chris Shaff

Head Athletic Trainer, Franklin College

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