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Features and Benefits

Hover over each of the pictures for more details on the unique benefits designed to benefit you and provide HASSLE-FREE HYDRATION to your athletes.  

A custom Cozy will allow your cart to be personalized to your team or company. The functional material blocks 100% of radiant heat-keeping water cold! 





The water filter will flow up to 2.5 gallons per minute of clean and good-tasting water. 

The lithium ion tool batteries supply 18 volts and plenty of amps to power the submersible pump. Plus, they can be easily removed for recharging! 

lithium battery power




With two 16" no-flat wheels, the cart can easily be maneuvered by pushing or pulling on both grass or turf!

ability to stack 

The 2500 units can be stacked 3 high and can fit through a standard door frame. 

       Additional Features:

  • wide mouth opening- easy filling and cleaning 

  • 4 or 8 nozzles- hydrate multiple athletes at once 

  • sump drain- easy emptying  

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